Friday, January 2, 2015

Creamy Crawfish Etouffée-Filled Omelet - T-Coon’s Restaurant - Rien Fertel Review

Mercy!  Is this crawfish-stuffed omelet rich enough?  In 2014 the food writer
Rien Fertel stated the following about T-Coon’s Crawfish Omelet: “In addition to the standard breakfast of eggs, bacon, and grits, the menu includes omelets stuffed with pork roast, beef brisket, and homemade Louisiana smoked sausage.  But the standout is the crawfish étouffée-filled omelet.  The silkiness of the smothered crawfish dish tangles with the whipped eggs to form a creamy, butter-laden mishmash.” 

Rien Fertel, “T-Coon’s - As Cajun As You Can Get,” “Lafayette”

T-Coon’s is located at 1900 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, Louisiana.

Image: T-Coon’s Restaurant's Crawfish Omelet - Image by “a T-Coon’s Fan”