Tuesday, March 14, 2017

T-Coon's Restaurant Now Serving Cracklin - No Belly Fat - David Billeaud Interview

Upon noticing that the Cajun specialty food "Cracklin" was a new menu item at T-Coon's Restaurant, I asked David Billeaud to tell me about it.   Cracklin it seems has become an important part
of Billeaud's low glycemic diet, check out his flat belly, so he desired to eat higher quality, tastier Cracklin.  It became his goal to serve the better cut of pork skin at his restaurant, he told me.

Virginia Billeaud Anderson: Child, many Cajun restaurants serve Cracklin.  What’s special about YOUR Cracklin?

David Billeaud: Look, I adore it, I’m a Crack Head from way back.  I’m off the carbs, but heavy on the Cracklin, and it's hard to find good, consistent Cracklin, so I decided to start cooking my own.  I'm cooking the better product, the old style variety known as “Back Fat,” which is rarer.  It consists mostly of the crunchy skin and has less of the layered fat and meat, so it’s not the everyday "bacon" portion, it is the more choice cut and taste better.  When properly cooked, mine is lighter and crunchier, and more delicious.

VBA: Haven’t you been cooking/serving Cracklin before now?

DB: I’ve been serving it when I cater and when I sell food at the local food and music festivals, but it’s new to T-Coon’s Restaurant.

VBA: Did you have to adjust your equipment, for instance, install those enormous black pots that cracklin cooks use?  Tell me about your Cracklin making process.

DB: No, I already have all those pots for my cooking, extra equipment was unnecessary.  Here's my process: we pre-cook the skins, fry them up to a point, then bag and freeze them.  As needed each morning, we pull out a few pounds and throw them into a fryer, and then they sit in a warmer until sold. We sell one scoop of Cracklin for $5.  And don’t ask me precisely how much is a scoop, because everyone who works here scoops a little different!

T-Coon’s Restaurant is located at 1900 West Pinhood Road in Lafayette, Louisiana. Use the Waitr App or go to T-Coons to see the regulars and the tourists. david@tcoons.com  www.tcoons.com