Sunday, July 28, 2019

Spending Time on the Patio at Hugos Restaurant, James Beard and Giotto

Chuleta de Puerco, double-cut pork chop with
winter squash-chapulin butter crust and roasted vegetables

"...wanted good marijuana from Oaxaca. Back then we called that coveted weed Oaxacan Gold. Now I’m an old broad who gets giddy over Oaxacan mole sauce.." ( writes about having food and booze on the patio at Hugos Restaurant, with some culinary history.) 

Sunday, July 21, 2019

I Love Console Tables, Marie of France, King of Poland, Jayne Wrightsman and Italy

Chatsworth: The Attic Sale October 2010, Italian carved giltwood
console table, made in Rome, mid 18th century, Sotheby’s

"Why, you might ask, do I give a damn about a frou-frou gilded, curly-leg, marble-top table, the sole purpose of which, is to be displayed against the walls of grand rooms..." (Fun historical background to a console table sold by Christies's Auction. It had been owned by 
Stanislaw, King of Poland, father of Queen Marie, who was Louis XV's wife.) 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Interviewed Mark Morales of Shutter Source Houston about Custom Made Shutters

Custom made bedroom shutters manufactured and 
installed by Mark Morales - Shutter Source Houston

"...Caesar would have looked through shutters to scrutinize torch lights below, while augurs read a sheep's liver for indications of trouble..." ( - Virginia Billeaud Anderson interviews Mark Morales about his custom made shutters. Article includes fun history of shutters used by ancient Persians, Greeks and Romans.)

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Long Live Irma Thomas

Irma Thomas 2019 The
Photo by Sophia Germer

"...There can’t be a more poignant statement of loss than Irma's 'Wish Someone Would Care'... 
(Virginia Billeaud Anderson - pays tribute to Soul Queen of New Orleans Irma Thomas with a few words about her life and music.)