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About Virginia

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About Virginia - My reviews and feature articles appeared in Intown magazine, Houston Heights magazine, Memorial Villages magazine, The Lakes Group magazines, Greater Houston Weekly newspaper, ArtsHouston magazine, Arts and Culture magazine, Journal of the Print World, Glasstire online, and The Great God Pan is Dead. Sometimes people hire me to compose or edit content. I've done that in the Oil and Gas industry, the Medical and Health Care fields, and for Art, Antiques, Interior Design, and Construction businesses. AND, I write essays and interviews on my blog BOUDINANDBOURBON.COM.

A Closer Look - These lame words describe how content enters my blog. I trip over something interesting, an ancient artifact or the perfect Mint Julep, research it to feel less dumb, and want to share. What could be more fun?

Bourbon - Been drinking it all my life, it makes me feel close to Daddy. It also links to an experience I had years ago in New York. A woman who couldn’t be bothered to write a paper required for our class self-indulgently and WITHOUT SHAME handed me $1000 and asked me to write it for her. Naturally I was floored. "Would be mah pleasure," I said in my hick accent, "I'll sip some bourbon and crank out your lil paper."

Voodoo and Feast of the Assumption? Like Boudin and Bourbon, the words link to my south Louisiana upbringing. I've lived away from south Louisiana for over 40 years, yet my past significantly impacts my writing, similarly to that of Lillian Hellman, Orhan Pamuk and Naguib Mafouz to name a few. The words also call up metaphysical undercurrents in my writing, hardly surprising for someone who was raised among people who prayed to statues and practiced voodoo.

Found Beauties - Isolated, these words are ridiculous, they jumped out at me from Madame de Sévigné’s 1671 letter to her daughter. De Sévigné wrote she was reading Tasso and “found beauties in him that are unknown to those who are only half read in the language,” meaning her familiarity with the Italian language helped her more fully appreciate the poet’s work. Admittedly, only a pretentious ass would associate herself with de Sévigné’s elevated learning and celebrated use of language, I'm not doing that. I am however charmed by the woman's intellectually rigorous approach to pleasurable things. Her passion inspires me as I write this blog.

Welcome to my site. It's growing, please continue to check in. I hope you share with others. To discuss my blog, email me at billeaudanderson@gmail.com. I enjoy hearing from readers. As of 3-28-24 the blog had 101,253 views.

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