Tuesday, September 21, 2021

My Visit to the Houston Farmers Market on Airline Drive

Fruit at Houston Farmers Market

"...I learn something every time I go to a market. On this trip I learned that raw cinnamon in all its bark-like glory can be quite large..." (Virginia Billeaud Anderson - BoudinandBourbon.com checks out Houston Farmers Market, the new building, long-time vendors and in-coming culinary hotshots like Chris Shepherd.)

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Visiting ShyKatz Café on Galveston Island, Historical Architecture, James Waters House

ShyKatz French toast with Bacon

“…ShyKatz Café is a laid-back place, with old-timey mismatched furniture and a paper towel roll in the center of each table to serve as napkins…” 
(Virginia Billeaud Anderson - BoudinandBourbon.com - checks out food and historical architecture in Galveston. Learn about ShyKatz Café.)

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Irmas Mexican Restaurant - Original Tex Mex – Visiting Irma Galvan

Irma Galvan at the bar of Irma’s
Mexican Restaurant

"...Sometimes I feel sorry for people who live in places where there's no decent Tex Mex. Try to imagine having no options and being stuck with Tex Mex that is mediocre, or in some cases down right sorry..." 
(Virginia Billeaud Anderson - BoudinandBourbon.com recalls a recent evening at Irma's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Houston. We knocked back margaritas and had a fun visit with Houston's celebrated Irma Galvan, who serves authentic Tex Mex.)

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Romano’s Pizza - Italian Restaurant - Vinny Quarto, Frank Fragale - History of Calabria Italy - Montrose Neighborhood Houston

Romano’s Fettuccine Frutti di mare

"...accustomed to grabbing food at Romano’s on nights Donnie didn’t cook, and I hadn’t a clue how much that ritual meant to me until the nail salon’s fire pole-axed it.( Virginia Billeaud Anderson informs readers that Romano's Pizza and Italian Restaurant re-opened. Vincenzo Quarto (Vinny) and Francesco Fragale (Frank), born to two sisters in Calabria Italy, Antoinette and Caterina, are dishing out exquisite food. Read fun history of Calabria.)

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Unraveling Mint Juleps, Pat O'Brien's Patio, Julep Bar, Anvil Bar and Refuge

Mint Julep on Patio at Pat O' Brien's New Orleans.
Image from Pat O Brien's Instagram #patobriens

"..It was back in 1938 that Derby big-wigs consecrated the Julep as sacred hooch for the race..."
(Virginia Billeaud Anderson - BoudinandBourbon.com discusses the history of the mint julep including its Persian antecedents, while perched on Pat O'Brien's architecturally exquisite patio and the bar at the Crillon. Dips into the Kentucky Derby and literary references, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, as well as Houston’s Julep Bar and Anvil Bar and Refuge.)

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Eating Oysters at Topwater Grill in San Leon at Galveston Bay, Texas

Topwater Grill at Galveston Bay in San Leon

"...Donnie wanted fresh oysters for lunch, so we ran down to San Leon at Galveston Bay on the Texas coast..."

(BoudinandBourbon.com reports on eating oysters at Topwater Grill at Galveston Bay in San Leon Texas. Here Wally and Barbara Jakubas built their restaurant at April Fool Point Marina. San Leon managed to remain a small boozy fishing community.)

Sunday, March 21, 2021

A Tribute to Legendary Wildcatter Jim Bob Moffett

Jim Bob Moffett. Image from Freeport McMoran announcement

"When I heard that Jim Bob Moffett had kicked the bucket, I thought to myself we just lost one of the ballsiest guys in the history of oil and gas..." 
(Virginia Billeaud Anderson writes a tribute to legendary wildcatter Jim Bob Moffett, who despite humble beginnings, became CEO of multi-billion dollar Freeport McMoran and led the industry in Gulf of Mexico Shelf "ultra-deep" drilling. Moffett steered Freeport McMoran to discover the world’s largest gold mine, and third largest copper mine. Includes oil and gas history and Moffett's philosophy for success. T. Boone Pickens said Moffett's oilfield exploits rank him in the top five of any list of U.S. wildcatters.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Interviewed John and Lillie Mae Norbert about Norbert’s Restaurant - and Broussard Louisiana

John and Lillie Mae Norbert at Norbert's Restaurant

"...Which days do you serve home-made rice dressing? Sometimes on Wednesday, sometimes on Thursday..." (Virginia Billeaud Anderson - BoudinandBourbon.com talks to John and Lillie Mae Norbert about their lives, the history of Norbert's Restaurant, and the history of Broussard Louisiana.)