Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Closer Look at Beignets - Hot Beignets at T-Coon’s Restaurant

T-Coon's Restaurant New Orleans French Market style Beignets

"favorite theories about the origin of the New Orleans Beignet is that the Ursuline Nuns brought it from France..."

A Closer Look at Beignets - Hot Beignets at T-Coon’s Restaurant

One of my favorite theories about the origin of the New Orleans Beignet is that the Ursuline Nuns brought it from France to New Orleans when they arrived in 1727.  Interesting, yet probably not factual.  Rather than deep fried sugary pastries, the good sisters would have been more focused on building their convent.  While it's unlikely the Beignet entered New Orleans with the Ursulines, we can be fairly certain the Beignet entered New Orleans with French colonists.  And of course the Ursuline Sisters completed their convent in 1759, their building at the corner of Chartres and Ursuline Streets is today considered the oldest extant architectural structure in New Orleans.

Don’t think the Beignet is only to be found at the touristy New Orleans Café du Monde, it thrives in many locations. T-Coon’s Restaurant in Lafayette is famous for Beignets.  Often when I’m in Louisiana I see “Biz-ness” people - medical equipment brokers, IT nerds, oil tool sales persons - carrying boxes of hot Beignets out of T-Coon’s Restaurant as gifts for their clients.  That’s not dumb!

Others use the “Waitr” app to have Beignets delivered.  But its more fun to eat your Beignets at T-Coon’s, to see all the regulars, and to see the tourists.  T-Coon’s is located at 1900 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, Louisiana.

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